It's okay if you don't know anything.

Dealing with a new job, everybody like me starts with knowing nothing at all. You need to be patient with the one training you and most importantly you need to be patient with yourself. This, not only partakes in career but relationships as well. Not knowing who you're with for a long time will make adjusting harder. But, as long as you're happy with your partner/job or whatever you're doing, Keep pushing.

It's so easy for some people to let go. Of people. Of jobs. I don't blame them. But remember, I'm biased. But in my opinion, if you really want something, you can't be picky. Sure have standards and criteria for yourself but be contented. In the other hand, know when to stop settling. Confusing right? I don't even know. But as of now, I love what I'm doing and this is what I studied for. I'm fortunate to have my supervisor invest in me, a young human with no experience whatsoever in the job I'm in and didn't finish my Bachelors. Hell, Thank You!
A little treat to laugh below: my face after a work out :) taken 2 days ago.
So, back to not knowing anything. The one training me currently is strict. And I do understand her for that. It's actually really helpful. But there are times that I don't even know what to ask so I just do what I can do and understand. Then the other day, she told me, "it's okay that you don't know anything". For most people, they would take that as an insult. With me, I was relieved. Why? Because knowing nothing if it's not okay are too much pressure. I know I'm not even crawling at my job compare to veterans. So hearing that from her, and from my supervisor saying we're really patient and basic stuff can be learned 3-6 months, I'm more confident to just absorb everything yet breathe. So, it's okay. Be patient and relax. Learn then move on. That's how it is.


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