My Mom's challenge @ 43

Last Monday, March 28, my mom went into a spa to have her belly do some treatment to make it flatter. Before that, she also went to a tanning spa that has a body sweat where you lay down for an hour and just sweat. After the treatment last monday, I was teasing her about it and she said something like 'Let's see how you won't have these treatments I'm getting when you reach 43." I said, No I will not. (I won't let myself get in that situation.)
It felt like a challenge to me. To have children and be fit so I won't need those treatments she's paying right now. My mother had three pregnancies and I'm the only one lived. My two brothers who followed me was prematured. She had two C-Section where they cut her lower stomach and get the baby because normal delivery can't happen due to the situation. I'm the first child so Inwas delivered normal and no problem. I'm sorry if my information is wrong but thats how I understand it.

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Everytime she tries to keep up with me, running or whatever movement we're in, she blames it on her pregnancies to have a kind of a muffin top belly. I know she's busy and everything but there are times that she's just lazy. Believe me. Excuses if you ask me. And now she's taking shorcuts for her belly. Which I hope and takes as a challenge, won't do.
I hope I remember this story when in the future. I am wanting to have children at least 5-6 years from now. And with work that I will want to keep while raising them, I need to find a time to work out. Thanks for my mom's challenge that I will have a drive to not have a muffin top and get treatments for a shortcut. I hate when she makes excuses and try to say that you're not any better than me. Sorry mom, no one is perfect.
I'm not interested in being bulky with muscles or able to lift heavy stuff. I want to have a great maintained cardio so I need to sweat at least once a week. And with my mom's company once in a while, since she's also a member on my gym that I paid for, we'll both have fun.


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