Silliest things that are fun are not silly at all.

Simple things in life are the most unappreciated moments. Like most author write, don't sweat the small stuff. With life getting huge and wider every single day in a human's range, we tend to forget little details in our everyday lives. Like with my family and relationship. My parents and I work all the time yet we find time to laugh and talk. My man and I are the most calm couple that is LDR. Yet. When we talk, we converse the silliest topics or the most serious once.
Today, I had fun taking pictures below with an app. Since a lot of people are having fun with face swaps, I did the same. Then that's it. No need for a million more :)
Good chuckle from my dad and mom. Amazing recovery from the stress from work. That's how it should be I guess. After being serious all day, there's a time to be goofy and silly.


Marecar Anne said…
Babaita, what's up! Hahahaha miss you

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