The Flower Fields @ Carlsbad, California

My mom purchased the tickets online so we didn't get to stand in line. Tickets about $14-16.
Awesome weather to be walking around here. No bees, insects or anything. Well, they have a trap that's why. Really well done for people taking care of it. Ootd. Their Website.
We arrived earlier than expected. It opens at 9 am. When we got in at the gate, an employee told us that we are early than 5000 people. That means that's how many will arrive. Usually. 

Mother had to buy the hat on the shop in Gardens around the entrance. I feel bad we did not have the time to roam around the gift shop since a lot of stuff looks really good. This is a good relaxing scenery for a date or family bonding (like us). Worth the walk. A little hike here and there. I loved it. We were in a rush but you will enjoy it in an hour.

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