Thoughts about Engagement Rings

I'm not engaged or will be anytime soon. This is my own thoughts about rings itself, and maybe a little bit about engagement. Once in a while, I see a photo like below on social medias.
Image above is from Instagram obviously.
For me, I don't want damn biggest stone on my hand. You know how scary it is to carry that all around the world? And even if you are careful, you might still lose it with one wrong stroke of your hand. I'm not a jewelry person. I only have earrings and a watch everyday. My earrings are in my ears 24 hours a day. I change it maybe once in a while for an event or whatever occasion but it stays after. I love watches. I change it everyday whatever my mood is. I do want a necklace though. For me to wear all the time, from my man. Just don't know when that will happen.

So, I found it extremely stupid. To be hang up. On this bigger stone, more carat the better. Or the more they love you. Come on people. That's not how love works. You are being engaged to a person, not their money. I'm sorry for those who make such a big deal out of their 'rings'. But honestly, does it really matter?
Try to watch Mission Impossible 3. Ethan proposed to his girl with a ring that is for a kid. If I get propose to in the future with something like that, I would be happy. It's the thought about the ring. Not the price. The effort to think about what you'll like or how they will propose, that's what matters. Not the mineral that's been compromised to wear on your finger and purchased for at least two months salary. I would be okay with a simple one, it doesn't even have to be a real jewelry, as long as my hand won't react to it.

Promise Ring is a bit exaggerating. Why would you need a ring? What are you going to do with it once you get engaged and get married? I don't know. My culture don't have this promise ring and I do agree with not having it. What for? Waste I guess. Just give someone a ring if you want to, stop labeling it as a promise. Too much pressure I guess.
Engagement rings. If you want a big one, what do you expect for your wedding ring then? Bigger? I say, have a simple engagement ring and do what you want with Wedding ring. With your man. Don't focus on engagement ring, it looks to me that the focus is only on the woman. Which is a bit disappointing in society. It's an engagement of a couple, not a woman getting a big stone in her hand. It's about love and marriage, not diamonds and carats. Yep.


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