Under Armour Blue/Violet Training Shoes

Got it the other day bought by my mom! I only have two other training shoes, and since I'm constantly working out (meaning at least twice a week, lol), I figured another one will be helpful. 
I found out that shoes have different uses as well when I was in Singapore last January. I'm talking about training shoes. Huge difference knowing where you are going to use them. Flat grounds like gym or outside terrain. I asked the worker if these shoes are good for gym and he said yep. 
I used it yesterday and I got a little scar. You see the back side of it is a little high that normal. That's what's rubbing my foot. Mom said it's normal since it is new and she put a little sole at the back to help. Not sure if I will try to use it again and see if it gets better, or I'll go asap to have it replaced. I like how it looks and how it feels. Really light by the way. But I don't want to force myself liking 100% of it if it will give me scarring which hurt when I'm working out.
We also got the headbands. Mom got orange, I have blue. for $8 each.


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