What you give/do =/= what you get in return

I woke up today 30 minutes late. More like, I chose to stay 30 minutes more in my bed to sleep. Thinking oh it would be fine, I'll just go home 30 minutes after. Hell no, due to traffic I was 15 more minutes added to that 30 minutes. Haha! I expected the 30 minutes, not the traffic. There was a construction of where I'm driving everyday so theres that. I just figured out once in a while, if you do bad things to yourself or others, worse will come to you. Sometimes, it's not your fault, it's just life is to be in a bad situation. But then, if it keeps happening then have a reality check because honey, it's you.

If it comes to goodness, (is that even a word?) it's probably the same thing. I'm not sure because all my rants here are from experiences and observation. It depends. And it varies on where you are and whk you know. Some people have the privelege to be born with everything. Most are not. But, manners are necessary to be taught to every body. Or else, you'll just be a rich douche with nothing to prove. But then, don't expect that just because you did good, you expect it will come back to you. For me, I'd rather have a mind set of if I do good. No harm will come to me. Even out as much as you can. Just like eating too much will make you fat, do exercise. Thats that make sense? I have a great analogy lol.

In all seriousness, I want to share that just because you are volunteering dies not mean you are better that anyone else. Thaty just means you're good and you're putting your time for someone else's beneficial and I applaud you for that. But do you ever think that you can make fun of others just because they don't do what you're doing. Same thing with bad habits like drugs and alcohol or even people that was i jail. I know it's hard for most people to treat them equally like normal. But please give them a chance. Give everyone a chance. Whatever you do in life, nobody can guarantee it will come back to you in the same way. But I know for a fact that not giving up and standing up for many rejections will make you get there. 

NEVER COMPARE your situation to others. Your time is not theirs and their life is not yours. You have your own as everyone else has. Karma is bitch, that's true. But you can control what you do and how you perceive your surroundings. Learn how to see what makes you better by being alone, thats how I figure out how I know myself. This is going nowhere and I'm still sleepy even if I already extended my sleep for 30 minutes. Point is, if you offer someone your food, don't expect it to be back without a bite. If you're going to be generous, be generous with a heart not who wants that someone will owe you. It does not work like that.


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