Zenatane after 5 months/Busy Day

Bare face when woke up this morning. Most people is done with Zenatane for 5 months, I'm not. Extended another month but with lower dosage from 80 mg to 60 mg. The doctor said it should've been way clearer but she saw my scar on the forehead. Then she decided to extend it.
Lips are super dry. Need to put up lip balm at about 30 minutes every time.
Going to my regular check up this morning. Then right after, straight to work.
After work, 9th check up of my Gooby. Great service at Riverside Hyundai in Auto Drive Center. I have an appointment at 4:45 pm and was served on the dot. They said battery needs to be replaced. It was too late for them to replaced it even if it was only 5:30 pm and I was told to shop before making up my mind. So that's my errand tomorrow. Before work. 
Work work work work work. Yey!
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