I, we love Amazon. My mom and I. All of our orders arrived except for me last Friday. I got a confirmation saying it has been delivered and received at front desk or receptionist yet we went to the office twice and nothing was there. Maybe it's there and the people there are just you know, because that has happened before. So I called Amazon yesterday (Saturday) saying I didn't received anything and Alyssa was amazing. And since she apologized for the inconvenience she expedited and says will arrive in exactly two days, Monday. It arrived today! -Sunday. It was that quick. 
1st photo was the email after my conversation with Alyssa and second one is the Tracking detail of the original they sent out.
It was the first time I was a bit disappointed since I didyget my package (or maybe it's our office people fault) but it was resolved amazingly. Not even a glimpse of doubt that I was lying from Alyssa. Working in Customer Service, I know some people do that. Also I asked her to put a returned slip if ever I got the original one and can send it to them. Bottom line is, it's amazing!


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