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Welcome to American Express Live Chat! The next available Customer Care Professional will be with you shortly.    
For quality assurance, this chat may be recorded and monitored. For your security, please click "END CHAT X" to close this chat window before leaving your computer unattended or when chat is complete. 
Thank you for contacting American Express. My name is Tara. How may I assist you with your new Card application today?
Tara: Thank you for choosing American Express. Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?
you: Good day. If I get the Blue Cash Everyday and in future wanting to convert it to Blue Cash Preferred, is that possible?
Tara: Thank you for your interest in American Express!
Tara: You are more than welcome to apply for a separate card product if you needs should change.
Marecar Lim: That's my question, I do not want another/separate card so is it possible if it can be SWITCHED/CONVERT
Marecar Lim: or Amex never do that?
Tara: You would need to submit a separate application if you wanted to switch your card product.
Marecar Lim: Separate application- is that only for the conversion or another hard pull on credit?
Tara: We may pull your credit. The process is very internal.
Marecar Lim: So when converting, credit might be pulled again
Tara: There is no guarantee.
Marecar Lim: Will I keep same credit history
Tara: Your existing credit history within American Express would reflect your separate application.
Marecar Lim: I'm sorry, I do not understand your answers. If for example, I had the BCE for a year and wanted to convert to BCP instantly, will my credit history with AMEX still a year?
Tara: Your member since date would reflect your first card. If your needs should change, I would recommend applying for the separate card product before closing the first card out. That way, your American Express member since date would stay in effect and your existing credit history established within American Express would reflect your separate card application.
Marecar Lim: I'm sorry, you keep saying applying for a new separate card when I don't want to keep the old one, does that mean conversion?
Tara: We would not want you to be without an American Express card. I would recommend keeping your Blue Cash Everyday Card until a final decision was made with the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express.
Marecar Lim: I got it. Perfectly explained. Thank you Tara!
Tara: You are most welcome!
Marecar Lim: Have a great day and thank you for your patience with me :) I'm an aspiring AMEX cc holder

As you can read, there are times when I get confused with her answers. She never said the word convert or switch which bugged me but she did say it will stay on the first card regarding credit history. Also, she says they might pull a credit for the conversion which most people says not true and my experience from other credit card companies. Reason being is as of now I don't want to pay for the Annual fee for BCP but in future, I might want to get that once I start a family.
Not sorry for asking those questions. I even had another chat before this. I asked about if they AMEX give FICO Score, the CSR said NO. Which is really bumming since I read that it Amex does for free. Gat it together Amex CSR. Know your facts or simply says I do not know which is also a bit disappointing form you 'high class' status. Being curious will not hurt you as long as you know your limit.
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