Don't get ahead of yourself

Good day! Not all we plan go into action. And I've learned, never get ahead of yourself. I thought I can work from home today, reason being is I have to work at my other job afterwards. I didn't because I couldn't. I was planning to post a picture of my 'office home made" beside my bed in my room before hand, and good thing I didn't. That's probably because, I don't really know. When I got here at the office, my password was not working completely! It's so odd since I was just here yesterday all perfectly fine. Then I tried this morning remotely and boom, says it does it work on running computer. Somebody fixed my computer already here at work and hopefully my plan of working at home tomorrow will be successful.
My Stapler. Oh dude, it's irritating. It's new. Fresh from the box. I got some staples of course and it's not releasing correctly. Not sure why but I tried again and again and all times I had to take it out myself. The hard, dangerous pointy staple that's broken. Good thing I did not get any boo boos. It's not always what it seems huh.
Oh, most importantly, career wise, never brag unless you've been there long enough. Don't spread it out until it's official and you've started. We have an instructor in the gym and she said she'll be leaving due to another work and surprise, she still with us. Gossip is she did not get it or whatever. This is what I'm talking about. Just like my mom before bragging she never got rejected when she applies for a job and she did not get the job first hand when we plan to move to California.
I know a post pictures of me in the office but I never said what I do or where I work. It's because I'm still in training, still learning and not even 3 months. There are many times I was selected for interviews but never got accepted. So never expect and just do your best.
I apologize a bit for those pictures of me playing around. Those are the only times I can have 'fun' due to working everyday :)


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