Citi Dividend to Double Cash

I just hung up to a CSR named Rabi and we talked for 10 minutes. He was extremely polite and helpful so two thumbs up for him.
I'm starting to get addicted to Credit Cards. As you can read on my previous posts. I've been really patient with myself trying not to apply for another one but just to make my limit up and complete my payment network. It takes time read and think what might be the best options on hundreds of choices that has pros and cons both sides. Good thing just today, I realized people can request to change their card to the latest one if qualified. I was offered like that in January with my Capital One.
It's so amazing how these past few weeks (or months?) I was really into planning to get in future credit cards. Good thing I didn't yet so I am proud of myself for having the urge to stop myself to start an application. And I'm telling you, it just went to my mind all of sudden and started reading what it's like switching after lunch! I read VS and personal experiences from these Credit Card owners.
I was approved (or I was told I'm qualified) exactly at 1414. It will be a new account and will arrive in 10-14 days. New Terms and Conditions will arrive in about 11 days. I forgot to ask of my history with Citi will be the same but from what I read and experience from Capital One, it'll be the same credit history.
Normal changes was explained:
  1. Balance Transfer Fee will now be 5%/minimum of $10 compare to 4%/minimum of $5.
  2. Return Fee will now be $35 instead of $27 with Dividend.
  3. There will be a "Removal" of Late Fee. At least once a year if I understood it right.
  4. No Cash Advances like the Dividend which was $600. - Biggest regret yet I have other credit cards with cash advances.
I have until June 22, 2016 to let them know I want to keep the Dividend. Also by June 23, 2016, there are some criteria I have to meet to really have the Double Cash. Not sure what those are except to purchase something I guess.
DIVIDEND Dollars will be transferred! Yey! Mine was only $8-9 but still. I earned that :)

While writing this post, I logged in into my account to see how much the cash advance is (which I never used at all) and saw it's already in there! Sadly when I click the Learn more regarding  Linking two accounts it says.. "Account Alert: When you activate your new account ending in 1264, this account will close."
More information on Account Alert on Dividend:
After activation, avoid potential service interruptions and begin immediate use of your new card(s) by:
  • Informing all authorized users the account number has changed
  • Providing your new account number directly to any merchants who bill your account automatically so that services or products that you are receiving will not be interrupted
  • Providing your new account number to any bill payment services you use with this account
For your convenience, this new account has already been added to your User ID.
If you have not received your new card(s) by 5/6/2014 please contact Customer Service at 1-800-950-5114.
I've been with CITI two years now so I'm not surprised that I was qualified but still grateful that it was that easy. I was declined twice and got increase after (automatically). Citi is not on my last Credit Cards anymore haha! -Arrived


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