Current Medical Condition

I'm not dying. I hope not. This is not a joke but  I'm not that serious either.
Back in 2013, I had some cysts. They say it's Pilonidal cysts. I got one in my lower back (got removed at least thrice and still here) and now, two in my right armpits (before it was only one, tried to remove it, came back and healed and got another opening since the old one is close). Sounds fun right? It's irritating. But, it did not get to me at most times. I figured I'm freaking blessed to let some conditions make me miserable.
When we got here to California, I started taking Zenatane for my acne. It worked! But only on my face. I got some chest acne, hell of a lot back acne too. You would not see my back by itself since I always cover it with clothing or with my hair. Thinking all my cysts will be gone to with the help of Zenatane, my mom I hoped. Every month of getting blood from me, I even did the glucose test where I did not eat breakfast and they had to take my blood every hour for four times. Meaning I was at the laboratory for 5 hours without having to eat before.

Then they saw, my Insulin level was abnormal. Most people will have a curve down at the end, Mine went up all the way. I don't consider myself unhealthy. I was aware and taught what to eat and what to do to be in shape. But then, it's in my genes so no matter what I do, it's within me. Combination from my mother's cancer blah blah and father's diabetes.
I'm not trying for anyone to feel bad for me. This is merely my story that is maybe unusual to others but not really in Science world.
For all the people who told me JUST WASH YOUR FACE, or looks at me with my pimples with a glimpse of disgust, I hate you when you did that. Never assume or give advice like you are the best when you do not know the whole story. My acne was gone when I turned 18 and came back around last year. So Odd but now we know because of my test results.

I am kind of pre-diabetic. I was told to drink Cinsulin (Chromium and Cinnamon) as well as Vitamin D everyday. I did since then. And now I got an additional one since my Zenatane days are over. Metformin. Preventive medicine for people like me, prone to diabetes. I was told to drink it with food, but nothing with High Carbohydrates everyday. Now my mom won't let me it more than one Kisses a day. Yes, I'm talking about the small chocolates Hersheys. I'm okay with that since I'm not really addicted to sweets (sometimes when time of the month is coming of course).
And then earlier after lunch, my coworker noticed my gums! Yes, gums. I have a small part in front that is kind of bleeding. Now, don't be alarmed with the bleeding part since it's not really dripping but it's always red. I know I should do something about it aside from brushing my teeth everyday. Then I read like the links below, that it might be because of being prone to diabetes. Which in my mind is a bit of a relief since I don't see I would have Gingivitis if I brush my teeth at least once a day. My father smoke cigarettes that's why he has gingivitis. Oh well, Life is a freaking balance of freaking unfairness. Still, happy to live :)


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