Discover 2nd CLI (not even 1 year with them)

Yes another Credit Card Situation. I'm sorry but this kind of stuff is important for people being mature and learning the right ways when it comes to credit :)
Last time I got an increase from Discover was back in November 2015. Check out the short story on one of the links below.
I wasn't planning on requesting one anytime soon since I got plenty of available credit throughout all my credit cards and I wasn't with Discover for so long. I read some Credit Cards Companies do give you and increase every once in a while when you're in good standing. It's been about 6 months since my first CLI, same as the stories I've read online. I've had that in Capital One multiples times, Citi only one and now second time in Discover.

Get this, the other day, 3 days ago to be exact I got my monthly statement. It states my normal Credit Limit. I believe I remember yesterday checking it again because I used the Card for Lunch and I do calculate everything I spend. It was the same yesterday too. And then today, SURPRISE! I was kind of jumping here at the office when I saw the different Credit Limit. Just like my first CLI, it's the same feeling. I didn't expect anything and not planning but here they are rewarding me.
I guess I am in good standing, well I don't have any balance until recently but I'm planning to pay it at the end of the month which I do with all my cards. I just want to spread, if you work hard for it, or not ruin your credit much, they will return it back. Or at least acknowledge you by giving an increase like me. They gave me an increase of 0.692308 = 69%.. So Thank You! 
My face yesterday after working, figured you'll need to laugh at something to make your day. Have a great one!


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