Genuine Conversation=Genuinely Happy

I'm thankful for all the people I had real conversation. It's not easy too find those who will truly listen to what to you're saying and take time to absorb and understand what you want to be heard. To my bestfriend zielly, we don't talk often but when we do, we tell everything. That one hour last Monday made my week. I miss you everyday and no matter how long we don't converse, I will be there cheering for you no matter what you do.

To my cousins who I stayed up late when we go swimming and wait for the sun to come up, Thank You!
To my college buddies, Mark, Albert and Von. Last time I was in the Phillippines and we stayed up until the sun rises talking about everything. You didn't care I the only lady, well, I was always one of the boys but still Thank You for that time. To my childhhod friend, ate Vane, Thank You for saying hi once in a while and letting me feel I'm one of your best friends after all this time.
To everyone in all work, college that I've been in, thanks for the chat that's true and not all Hi and Bye.
Watch - Esprit
Dress (sitting down) - US Polo
2 Sleeves top - Old Navy 


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