More Credit Card Situations

I apologize of I'm posting a lot about Credit information and you don't give a damn. As I grow up and enter adulthood, I need to learn about these things.
  1. Victoria Secret Credit Limit Increase
  2. Synchrony Bank Customer Service
  3. Discover It or Chrome Card
Victoria Secret Credit Limit Request
I had my Victoria Secret since last year from April. Not sure if I already wrote this story but I wasn't planning on it. She asked me when I was paying and I just said yes to make the process of paying go faster. So it's been 1 year. Since I paid all before due date and never miss a thing, I tried to ask for a Credit Limit Increase, even thought I don't really need to. I did so my credit-debt ratio as well as overall credit limit will go up. I asked some time last month and of course I did the online and approved that they're going to pull my credit. I had to put income to do so. I got an email to wait 7-10 days but yeah -Declined is what I already expected. After 10 days I called and the CSR told me to wait for the letter. Before I talked to the human, I tried accidentally requested on the automated machine. Not knowing what it'll do, I just thought what the hell, I already applied for it anyway. So, that robot said declined. Then I accepted the fact that the letter will say that too. And it did. It says I was declined to Debt-income ratio. Which is obnoxious. I owe $0.00 on all my cards except for the one I'm using on the current month. All my debt are paid every month so not sure what that meant but I know for a fact that my debt is really small in ratio to my income.

Synchrony Bank Customer Service
BAD. I only talked to one CSR ever since I had my Sunglass Hut Credit Card from last year. Damn, Flat as a dead human being. I know she can't help me with anything and I understand that but in Customer Service "Tone is everything". Take it from me who works in that area. I asked if I can change my current card to another without being penalized and I already the answer which is no but I'd rather make sure. She said no and it will be another application and she sounds so freaking down. Good luck with that.

Discover It or Chrome Card
My Own Story regarding CLI
Since I have two other credit cards that has been converted to another one, I figure they may be another Discover with better rewards. Then I read about Chrome. It looks good, 2% in everything but does NOT have the rotating 5%. Check out the link above for a comparison between the two. At first I was like, Chrome looks good without the hassle of thinking about the rotating categories. But I searched and tried to calculate myself, the 'It' can give you more. Plus. (hopefully I don't jinx it) my Double Cash will arrive soon with 2% total rewards at anything.
Also, my first time using this to send money abroad thru Western Union, I called as soon as possible I realized that they will charge me $10.00 for a cash advance fee! Thank God for the CSR who waived it since I told her it was my first time and did not know about it. Awesome right?


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