Six Flags Magic Mountain

Fun day! At memorial day. Damn line was long but still worth it since me and my friend has two jobs and can't have any off other than holidays. We got out tickets 5 day advance purchase so instead of around $70, it's $55. But then, later on we learned that we can get even more discount because of You can get in for as low as $45. - ootd
We rode 6 rides total. Arrived before 12 noon and left at closing.
1. X2
2. Tatsu
3. Scream
4. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom
5. Sand Blasters (Bump Car)
6. Apocalypse
Five rides are all extreme. Four of those are roller coasters. All will make you sick if you're not into adrenaline rides. This is really a wide amusement park. My feet and my friend See are tired. Not only from walking but from waiting standing for 4-5 hours or more due to line.
X2. Craziest roller coaster I've been in ever. That's from someone that started riding big ones at 2nd grade. Not only the normal huge turns but also your seats will rotate as well.
Tatsu. Fun ride. A little extreme too but it has a different effect while riding it. Different style rotation I guess.
Scream. Short line. Good adventure, if you see that the line is short, go and ride it. Worth it.
Sand Blasters. We thought we can't ride anymore due to closing time but the short was hella short so why not.
Apocalypse. Last ride. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE. This is the coolest.
All wood ride. Design of the place looks like no effort just old cars since duh it's apocalypse but when you get inside it was cool to see lights and computers so they did think of stuff, lol. Parts where you pass inside is my favorite part but it jiggles.

Corn Dog and Pastrami Fries. Never expect anything from these public places regarding delicious food. It's okay but not worth the long wait and line. Hopefully next time they will have more people to work on a holiday.

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