Avalon Grille in Catalina Island

The Angus Skirt Steak is the best steak ever. I had it Medium Well. Soft and the taste of those tomatoes are just the bomb. Mom got Ahi Burger while Papa some kind of fish. Sorry not that memorable that's why.
But. Our server with the pony tail man is not so pleasant. No greeting. And we did not have napkins the whole time. Meaning he did not give us any utensils too. Also, there was a group beside us who arrived while we are waiting. He greeted them nicely and that's where I got his name listening to him. After a while when we are eating the other got their first bite, he asked them first 'how was it'. When he was about to completely leave, he asked us too. I think just because we heard him asked the other table. From then on, I was not smiling when he comes around. Thanks for the service Bryan.


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