Island Rentals Golf Cart

$40 an hour and $40 deposit.
We paid $40 for an hour having the golf cart to ourselves. I'm the driver. Map that they gave us to follow is at the last part. We did finish it in an hour so we got our $40 deposit. CASH ONLY. I believe this is the only company that allows 21 and over to drive. Others are 25 and up.
Beautiful view up top. Bring drinks if you want to since it's hot. I was told to turn left most of the time, never right. If you exceed the one hour, you don't get your deposit back but you get an hour free for a total of $80 for three hours. You don't have to go back to tell them that you wanna keep it for that long, you can decide when driving just like we did. Since we don't need it that long, just to explore the whole island.
We passed by Wrigley's Memorial and Vacation Houses.


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