Michael Kors White Satchel

Got it for $120 I think. Less than $130 with taxes. From $298. By mom. Thanks Mama. I was hesitant when we were closed to register because I feel so spoiled. Yet she's the one rushing to pay since I got to work after.
"Cindy" LG Dome Satchel, Optic White. Leather.
Disappointed on packaging though. But hey, we got in on Outlets so no fancy boxes and bags with covers all around. Just a wrapping paper on top and paper bag.
This is the closest link I found close to the one I have:
Difference from the link is the name. Mine is on a box and the statements are not a lot of gold. Which is good since I thats the part I was not liking on most MK accessories. Too much Bling. Found this one with the right amount of quietness, and yey!


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