Patience of all people

Most people who are fortunate to have an education, knows how frustrating it is to be bad at something. Yet whoever is teaching us keeps on going and repeating maybe the same old thing or a same topic yet different scenario. For all of my teachers, Thank You. For my parents, I love you and Thank You! From the day we were born, whoever took care of us taught us uncountable things. Some we might forget and some we learn on our own. Point is, no matter where you are in life or what you do, there will always be people who helped you.

It depends on the person teaching you if they're sensitive or not. If they get irritated when you ask something or get annoyed when you want to clarify anything. It's disappointing to them and especially for ourselves. It makes us feel so damn stupid when all we want to do is learn and grasp as much as we do. That's my situation now most of the time. I'm really trying hard to absorb everything I'm being taught but it's not easy. So Inwant to say Thank You to my supervisor.
He is the one who hired me, and he keeps saying when we hired you we don't expect for you to learn everything fast and we are very patient. Apparently., the one that's teaching me doesn't have a lot of patience. I thought I was going to be fired due to me asking questions, I was not, yet. Hopefully not ever :(
Kisses given to me by the one loosing her patience :| and another snack from a sweet coworker.
I remember my situation last year, it was all new to me as well. But the one teaching me was (maybe) never irritated when I ask questions. I don't know why, maybe it's only me. If I'm overthinking too much and I ask a lot. I don't know. I don't know where my place is when they told me to ask again and again, and when I do I will be told you should know this by now. Even if it was a yes or no question, I will get scolded saying get the answer from your job. Hell I just want to clarify some stuff so I can move on. Oh please help me.
My supervisor last year was also the best. So calm and will tell me to slow down and ask anything at all times. An I complaining too much? I just want to put my side out. It's not like I'm ignoring whatever I was told, believe me I'm trying to remember it's just that I'm not a computer. I can't fully analyze something if I haven't experienced it yet.

Thank You to everyone who had patience and will have in future. My parents that keeps on teaching me, my man that has patience every single day especially when I'm having mood swings and my friends that understand when I'm not available. Please help me Lord to have patience to others and most importantly to myself. Thank You! 


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