Re-Color Blue&Purple

Second time at Qi Hair Salon! Originally, my appointment is in July 10 but somebody cancelled and I got squeezed in. I texted Sophiany back in May 25 asking if she has opening in June and she said she's fully booked. Thinking I can last more than a month to wait for my appointment, I texted her May 31 asking if there's anything sooner. She said she'll let me know soon. She did after a minute, lol. She has a cancellation (today) and I just said yes even if I had to work. So when she said I got the appointment, I requested off and switch my work day to Sunday. So here I am, waiting for my hair on a heater, or whatever the round thing is and you sit in front of it so your hair gets heat :)
Old hair taken May 26.

Last treatment was in January 7 this year. So it's been 5 months. My hair grew fast and I'm getting tired of it being so long.
Plus the thickness. And last time I got a haircut was almost a year ago. So my black roots and bangs are all around.

Back to my appointment, I was late for about 5 minutes and started right away. She did my haircut first (rough) then color then after final haircut. No more bleaching like before, just a cover up of the colors. I asked for bangs and medium length. Whatever style she wants I just said yes. I'm planning to have an appointment with her every 4 months. Total of 40 minutes in the round sitting heat. All in all took 3 hours. I love it. The haircut was long bob and asymmetrical with a longer cut in front. She curled it afterwards even if I didn't ask for it. Will come back in future to maintain :)


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