Segway Tour Catalina Island

$68 per each. Started at 9:30 with a 10 minute practice and then we went on with the tour. We were told to stay on the right side of the road and keep 5 feet in between just in case somebody stopped all of a sudden. - Outfit here.

It is pretty easy. We went to the Casino that does not allow gambling. Beach side, City Hall, Fire Station and Bird Park.
Before looking at the OLD bird park, we took a quick break for cold drinks that the local family was selling. $2 for each drink and watermelon bites. They also hand you cup and ice to make it colder.
We parked the Segways at exactly 11am. If you think the price is expensive, my bad. But I would earn to experience this because not only it's really easy, it's fun too. 

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