Versace Sunglasses-Birthday Gift to myself

My birthday is more than a month away. I'm not planning to do anything or go anywhere. And I don't make request saying can I have this as a gift, etc. I'm fortunate enough to have my parents give me things that they know I need and want. Anyway, yesterday, I purchased a Versace Sunglasses in Sunglass Hut in Desert Premium Outlets.
Product Description from the Website:
"Sleek and seductive, this new contemporary shape is an evolution of the iconic January Jones style. With a stunning 3D Medusa decor piece on the front, this is a must-have piece for any Versace enthusiast." 
It says it's for Square, Heart and Oval Face Shapes. I have a Round one. Still, I like it and planning on keeping it. Price is $240.00. And I paid it with my Sunglass Hut Credit Card. Perks with that is I have six months to pay it in full or not and I won't be charged any interest. Amazing right! They also call us VIP if we have their Credit Card. Sunglass Hut also send me promotions on email but I just usually delete it. They also do it on the email which I forgot to bring yesterday like below so I missed the $50 off since the amount was over $200. I was told that I can purchased it now then cole back on any nearest Sunglass Hut and have it return the repurchase with the discount. Of course, I will do that.
I was told by the very sweet man who helped me choose that they only need the four digit code. And maybe if I have it on my email so I tried looking through but nothing. I think it's not the same whatever you are getting on the email and mail. So to get the $50 off, I will go bank to other Sunglass Hut which is nearer from where I live. When I opened the gold box, it includes the usual package. Cleaning cloth and care manuals. It also has a warranty card and I went ahead and did it. 


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