3 Rimmel Products

I got three products from Rimmel purchased from Target. It's the Stay Matte Primer, 2 in 1 Highlight and Concealer and Stay Matte Powder. These are pretty cheap, of course from drugstore
Left is before putting on the Powder. Right is after. Shine gone, right? $3.99
Biggest worry for me when buying stuff from drugstore is the color. I do not want to go back and return every mistake I make. I am really tempted to buy foundations every time something new comes up but can't because I can never know what my correct shade is with drugstore.
The Primer was thick. $6.49 A bit sticky when putting but will be okay once it sets. I can't say it works good because the only primer I can compare to is the Elf Tone Adjusting Green and that one I did like. I did not repurchase it though since I'm want to learn more what works best for my large pores and oily skin.
I thought the shade Light is too light for me but after blending with the Elf Pointed Foundation Brush it does look decent. I dab it for most times and swipe it a bit if I'm getting tired and in a rush. Still learning regarding coverage though, I'm not that educated with make ups. Obviously, bad part regarding the powder is it has no mirror just like most compact have. It does not even have the sponge or whatever product i'ts called to put some on your face. Good thing a small brush from Neutrogena is perfect for the shape of the packaging.

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