Before turning 22 Extremes

12 of my extreme/not really experiences before turning 22 in this lifetime.
Not planning to stop ever. Well, I could just say I will never stop doing these things. If I can have this trying extreme adventures as career, I will. That would have been my dream. But I need a stable job as of now. Might will take a risk in the future about doing this for full time. Can also hold any animal (as long as they are safe and won't kill me). Or maybe I can even if but I'll figure it out to experience that experience.  Please feel free to ask anything about everything in comments below. 
"Whatever it takes. I'll work then play. Life is a playground or so they say." :)
Skiing Big Bear USA Jan 2016
Snowboarding Big Bear USA 2016
Parasailing Catalina Island 2016
Zipline Danao, Bohol 2010
Jetpack San Diego 2015
Mountaineering Mount Baldy 2015
Extreme Swing Singapore 2016
The Plunge - Danao, Bohol Philippines 2010
Sand Boarding - Ilocos, Philippines
Skydiving - Tullahoma, TN USA March 2015
Aerobatics (Plane Flying) - Fullerton, CA 2015

Not on Video - Spelunking in Palawan, Philippines


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