E.l.f. Products

Here are my Elf products as of now that I do like and use.
Well I haven't use the Pointed foundation brush yet as you can see it's still in the packaging but I bet I will like it as well. I might use it for concealer. I have always loved the combo blush and bronzer. Subtle yet pretty.
Tone Adjusting Primer works good. I do feel it helps my skin mattify a bit but not really helping my huge pores. I might repurchase it in the future but as of now, looking for a different one that might help me better.
Combination of Blush And Bronzer is good! Subtle and a bit shinny but works.
I got Professional Foundation Brush, Complexion and Powder Brush. I use it on their purpose of course. Not planning to buy expensive brushes since these do not break me out and they feel soft.
I'm so happy that they came up with a Flat Foundation Brush that I now always use because I don't like using my fingertips and sponge. Yey!

DON'T USE XOUT PRODUCTS! I've already mention this before regarding acne treatment and now in adding for the Shine Control. It kind of works as a primer as well and I used it for a couple of days - It's bad. Not only it makes me oily, it also made my side down cheeks some small bumps! Planning to throw it away or just give it to someone who wants to try it. Good Luck! 

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