4 Random New Essentials

Make Up, Hand Lotion, Powder and Brush! All from Target. I love 3-in-1 stuff. Makes it easier to organize. I'm always looking for things to be in love with, like normal people I guess. Because I hate to waste. So as much as possible, I searched and read reviews first and compare prices before purchasing stuff. Now these things below, I didn't really researched through. But it feels like I'm gonna like it all.
Hand lotion since I'm getting hang nails all the time. And I just learned it's because I work with papers all the time. It's because if the dryness. So now, I got to help myself be used to putting lotion every now and then. I just tried it right now and I love the smell! Not too strong and not to sweet.
New powder since my recent one is too light for me and has no mirror. I'm gonna keep using that one but it's not gonna hurt if I have an extra one for another bag. And this one, I think matches my skin tone that has a mirror. 
Small Elf brush for contouring and highlight. Even though I have no idea what these are, I got to learn. Tomboy here with zero education in Cosmetics but have to learn to look like a decent human being.

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