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Stupid Credit. Haha. People like me who are new to these things are ignorant about pretty much everything related ti Credit. So like everyone else knows, there's three major ones. Experian, Equifax and Transunion. It never is the same when pulling it up and all of it needs to be paid. Which is ridiculous. How can one be so happy and responsible when every time you want to check you gotta pay. That's a rip off in my opinion. Good thing I have those free due to may bank and cards. But still it is never exactly the same. What sucks is if you don't pay, you don't know what happen or what's in your profile to see why your score is low.
So I tried the and it gave me the three. Except when I was about to do the last one, Equifax, it said they need to verify my identity which is absurd. The other two had no problem and for you I got to send stuff just so I can get my freaking free which again does not include any scores. STUPID.

Reason I did the site today is because I saw my score went down by 12 points when I was expecting it to be higher now since I disputed a collection and it's been deleted on all three. But I remember that last month, mom had an inquiry about a loan for a mortgage and I was included to help of course. I think that's the reason of the down score. Still, I don't like it. I always pay everything on time and in full. Never paid any interest since ai got my first credit card back in July 2013. I know I am responsible. But, because if their algorithm and my short history. They think nope, not a chance for you and no high score. It should be all people starting should start at the top and it will go down when doing something wrong. Just like respect, given to anybody before hand. Because it it's like this, it's like I want you to be stupid and make debts for at least 8 years then they will think of you are an amazing credit user. Idiocy of humanity. Good job for whoever thought of this as a way of making people spend tons of money and struggling wanting to buy the important things in life.

I was furious this morning when I saw that decrease. But hey, everybody's gotta learn. It still seems unfair though. I've read that it's a bigger decrease if you have short history like me. I've calmed down and will just try with my will to not care that much and still do good.
Now, I'm gonna try my best to not open any new accounts until it's August 2018. I will not request any new Credit Limit Increase until August 2017 (even though I know I deserve it by the end of the year for at least two of my accounts) so no soft inquiry will be made. And the only hard inquiry I will do/allow is when my parents decide to buy a house. I gotta make that 8 year mark to have a high score. I just hope they see people that are responsible and not just the ones who spend a lot and rich. Good Luck! 


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