Etiwanda Stream/Being Spontaneous

While on our way to the outside of work, my friend/coworker asked me real quick, 'Wanna go hiking?'. Being adventurous as I claim myself to be I said Yes. Then she said really? I said yeah.
Etiwanda Falls.
I didn't have any shoes, right clothes at all. I was wearing flat office shoes and slacks. Good thing she has shoes and shorts that she let me borrow.
This is one of the moments  live for. Unplanned and getting to places I've never been in. Being in a routine is tiring. Yet unexpected adventure takes that boredom of weekly schedules. Thank you Lord for all experience that I did and will do (willingly), I always say Yes. 
Way up took us 43 minutes. Way back less than 40 minutes. Not too hard for me, I'm sorry I love these things and I do a little cardio. Don't get me wrong, it was a good work out. Excited for more trails!
Oh, and afterwards this hike, we went to the Ontario Mills! Which is my first time so I get to enjoy an hour of it. And got a top/dress. It's kind of short for it to be a dress but as long as I got shorts, I can wear it as one.


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