Extreme Acne & Hidradenitis Suppurativa Info

DISCLAIMER: Photos below might disgust you.

I got diagnosed with this illness months ago. It's not a big deal though. Not dying or anything. Just can't be comfortable in your own skin of you have a hole that has something going out once in a while. Oh and I don't have a picture of myself with it, too much for me. I only have my chest acne and portion of back.
I'm done with the acne treatment for face, worked well but not 100%. Nothing happened on chest and back so my doctor has to put me on another dermatologist. We changed insurance so it was completely different one. Now I'm taking antibiotics twice a day with food and a Clindamycin ointment that I put on my chest, back, armpit on right and where I have active acne on face.
Watch - GShock
My last check up was Thursday. Doctor injected me with 2 ml with different dosages in the photo above. Damn it hurts. And done multiple times. I don't  want to do that again. I will come back in 2 months to see if there's any improvement on my acnes as well as the Hidradenitis. All of it does not hurt at most times. Except for active acne once in a while. I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin knowing I have these and still wear skin showing clothes, who cares. I mean everybody does but only those narcissistic humans will judge me for it. It's not contagious so please be nice when asking me in public. It's nit that I did anything wrong, it's just within me I guess. Let's see what happens :)


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