Friends from Work

Yes. I'm sad and lonely. Not really. Kind of, Most of the time. I know when a person does not like me and have a negative effect on me. If that's the case, I cut them off personally. But this is not about giving a damn about those. This is me saying and sharing that I am grateful for all my friends that I encountered in my work. Before, all I do is do 2 jobs go home and never hang out with anyone since I don't know anyone that would want to chill with me. I'm up for anything so I'm not picky with whatever you want to do. And now, because of my job, and the time that I've spent with them, I got to hang out with people now! Yey for me right.
Stories. Booze. I hate to say it but Girl talk (ewe). But I do need it. So Thank You. To everyone that's in this picture, I am honored to have known parts of your life and heard your stories.
Above is the drink I usually have 4-5 each time. Call me a pussy or anything, I don't care. It's not a competition who can drink most. And may I tell you, I always go home afterwards at 0500 = 5:00 am. 
I got a manicure after more than 4 years! And color. In Red Persimmon Nails in Beaumont, CA.
I paid $29 for the both of us I think I got just the basic and my friend See got a french tip. I heard $28 for both but maybe another dollar since I paid with Credit Card. Good Service. We had to wait thought maybe about 20 minutes to get in. We did ours on a Friday around 1 in the afternoon and they have lots of customers.


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