Front Bumber of Gooby

2nd time my car's bumper is broken. 1st time was the thief that stole my neighbors' trailer and my car is beside it and they didn't care that they damaged it. We got State Farm Insurance back then, and even if I have 0% fault of what happened, I paid $200 for the fix. The damaged was more than two grand so still grateful for the help but a bit disappointed that I had to pay for something I didn't do. Welcome to adulthood right?
Now for this second time, clearly my fault. Last Sunday, I went Rock Climbing for the first time ever with 4 mile hike one way. I was exhausted. Excited to go home afterwards, I didn't even bother to think to drive thru a rocky and deep road.
Needless to say, this is the result of that exhaustion. I broke my front bumper and not sure if there's more damage at the bottom from the rocks I forced to drive into. Yey!! We have Geico Insurance now. Let's wait what will happen. I love you Gooby (my Hyundai Accent 2016 Hatchback).


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