It's Important to know yourself; deeply.

I am an only child and I had a lot of alone time. I went o movies alone for many times and adventures that I don't know anyone until that day of. I spent my rest days at home either watching TV or in my room but most of the time, I am by myself. Don't feel bad though. Because of these times, I learned a lot about myself. I know what makes me excited. What annoys me, how I react to some things I don't care and some things I do. How is my perspective about the important part of humanity and more. Let me tell you, compare to others that I know, I am comfortable in my own skin. Of course I have helped from my parents, friends, relatives and my love. Point is, it's such a huge difference if you know who you are inside and out.

After that dramatic intro that I'm always bad at, Yesterday was not so great day for me. And for some people, they would blame it on other people, weather, or simply just say it's a bad day. For me I learned how to really step back and think what started it, what goes after and what might come in to finally say it's not a good day; but that's okay. I'm living, feeling loved. So I will lists the stuff that made me, Oh well. Fun time.
  1. I was late. Not too much and not really big deal. My fault of course for loving sleep too much. But every Friday, I work two jobs so I leave early at my first one. And since I'm late in the morning, I forced to stay a little late.
  2. I had a problem with a job that I designed. I though all is good and I heard from the Salesman that there is something wrong. Not sure how big it is though. And it is pretty normal for our career but still, not a good feeling and I head it before lunch!
  3. I have another problem with another job I was working on. They keep telling me it takes long time to really know every little thing in our line of work. And even some that's been there for too long sometimes don't know how to read plans. SO I had to do it again and again. It's just frustrating that you learn as hard as you can and try to remember everything, but it never is perfect. That's why I'm human right.
  4. I had to rush after clocking out to my other job. It was not fun. I always think I'm gonna be late anyway why force it. Good thing I was not late but I will not do that again. Please do not rush on the road.
  5. Some of my coworkers are just not doing their best like the rest of us. I will never say or think that I am perfect but everybody knows I try my best to do as much as I can. I am talking about the second job of the day.
I think that's enough ranting from yesterday. I'm good! Always trying to be after repeating bad things in my head again and again until I get numb knowing that it all happened and it's all normal. Life is still beautiful. I still know what I want and need and what makes me happy, Or so I think. Point is, know yourself as much as you can and keep on going. Have an amazing day!


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