My Father Dearest is the Sweetest

Last Saturday, I went home kind of early from my job. My mom had to work night shift so it was just me and my dad after dinner. Around 2000 if I remember correctly, we were sitting in the living room watching television while of course on our phones doing our own thing. I am close to my parents, but not too close that I tell them stuff about my relationship. If there are some big news of course I tell them but other than that, I keep my matters private.
Ever since then, it's my father that asks the weird yet serious questions. Back in 2014 before I went to the Philippines for more than two months, he asked me while we are in a public place buying Filipino grocery food, are you planning to get married? (mag aasawa na raw ba ako). I said straight up no. I know my father wanted me to say no and I did not even hesitate to answer no since it's my plan to go back. Continue my studies, earn and maybe live in the Philippines, no matter what my man and I decide in the future. He secondly said, are you sure? I said Yes. He thirdly asked, how many percent? I said 100%.
As you may know, I came back not pregnant. My mom even told me they thought (teasing from friends) that I may be pregnant when I come back. Boy, I'm not that young anymore. I was 19 then, kind of a little mature I guess? Hey, it's my own hard work money that I used to had that vacation. As well as the unexpected 1 week in Singapore last January.

So back to the other day, while he is still on his phone, he asked me, When is your boyfriend going to come here? I said, I don't know father. He continuously asked about our status, Is he going to come here for good and work here which he seriously suggested. Because for him the important thing is, we are together. He even used me as an example of working hard back in Arkansas. That I may be a Manager now. His point is, no matter how simple your work/job is, as long you are together you are going to be okay. It's hard to be away and you will always feel sad every once in a while. (Try to see this as my father telling me while I listen, al of this)
I tried to explain to him , I don't know yet. He wants to pursue his seafarer career. (he wants to be a captain) Maybe he will come here after his next contract. I was kind of trembling at that moment, because the truth is I don't expect anything anymore. I am not a US citizen yet so I can't get him as a FiancĂ©. Even if my father is like, Your mom told me you can get him as a fiancĂ© even if we are not a citizen! I said no dad, it's not possible. But his point is, he needs to go here to be with you because I know how it is not being together.

My mom was in abroad for about 10 years, Saudi Arabia then Singapore then Saudi Arabia. So I saw how it is being married and way from each other and with me as their only child. So he knows what he is telling me. He said, do you want me to talk to Jee about this? I forgot if I answered or no. I don't think so. If I remember correctly, I did not get the chance to since he said right after that question, Next time you talk, I will say something to him. I got teary eyed with our conversation. I hid it of course, not sure if my father felt it or saw me wiping it. Then I texted Jee about it. All what my father explained to me and as he keeps on saying "suggestion only".
I remember when I was 15, (we started dating when I was 14 but told him after months) about us, about him courting me. He said no, school first then afterwards, sure. And now, he's the one telling my man to be here with me. My parents saw how he took care of me when I was in the Philippines. I pretty much live in their house and they say how he cooks, cleans and I'm just there facetiming them.

I just want to say Thank you Papa. The conversation we had is so thoughtful of you. To think, that you and mama are thinking not only about me but my relationship with him. Thank you for your concerns, questions and suggestions. I love you both and will continue to pursue life to make you proud. - Your loving daughter.


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