Pedicure after 4 years + Eyebrow Wax

Yes. I don't do my nails often professionally. I clean them myself. Well, not clean but cut. So there's a huge difference between the cleaning of those do it for a loving than me finishing it in about 10 mins. So yey! Last time I got it done was for my 18th birthday. I'm never comfortable in any color so I don't put anything but yesterday I did! It's because I thought it includes on the payment, why not it's my feet anyway.
Lily Nails and Spa in Moreno Valley, CA.
I picked the 185 from the choices but they didn't have it. She found kind of close so I just said yes since I really don't care as long as it's not too shiny or glittery or girly. I was thinking black but that's too goth for me. I did Basic Pedicure for $18. Their chairs has a massage that you can pick how it will move on you back. I stopped mine since I can't relax while she's doing my toenails. It feels like if it's on, I'm moving too much and it's affecting her. Probably not since she's an expert by now but I'm not comfortable.
Now for the eyebrows, last time I did them is in January before meeting my man in Singapore. I don't pluck them, put make up or anything. I'm that lazy. And fortunate to be too hairy. First photo is before with my awesome face wearing Mac MatchMaster. Last one is the before on top and after at the bottom part. Cost $8 and I like it as well as my mom. Will come back for future waxing of brows since it's close as well. Only con is she was kind of pushing my chest while doing my brows. She's not aware that she puts a little pressure of her clients. And a little mint would be good since I can smell her breathing. 


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