San Antonio Canyon Rock Climbing

I never did rock/wall climbing ever. Indoor nor outdoor. So I was excited to do this. And when we were taking before hand, Pete said there will be a hike up and down. See was surprised, I was too but not worried. Ootd.
4 mile Hike:
Started 0915
Stopped 1030
1st 5.6-7 less than 20 minutes
2nd 5.7-8 less than 25 minutes
1st less than 10 minutes
2nd less than 10 minutes (Maybe even lesser)
There was a third one, like flat short boulder but I didn't try since we were almost short on time and I've had enough climbs for that time.
Hike down was a tiny bit faster because it's declined slope yet harder. Due to heat. Damn it was hot. See had a hard time hiking down so I carried her bag half way and her helmet and shoes all the way. Only bad part about this trip, I lost my sunglasses :(
Shoes is a big deal. I didn't know that hiking shoes and climbing are totally different feeling. I was okay and comfortable event though I feel rocks at the bottom on the way up. But Pete noticed around 20 mins since we started hiking up that See and I are already wearing are climbing shoes. He was uncomfortable about it even though I kept saying I was okay. He went back and got our shoes. We reached the destination and he caught up there in about 5 minutes. When sun hits, I understood the shoes makes a huge difference.
And another news, see my souvenirs:
Even with these awesome bruises, I will never regret this experience. It was not easy, not for a first timer like me straight in outdoors. There are so many times where I'm thinking what do I do, where do I grab? Hell I still finished the two climbs. Thats why I love doing these things. I'm miserable at times but I love the feeling of me, being not okay and conquering what I need to face.
I was thinking we can do Canyoneering in September but See and I decided, let's rest for a few months before another one. Lol. 

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