Stupid Fights

You know you are in an old relationship if you get on each other nerves when fighting. Little things just make you wanna end especially if you are in a long distance one. But sometimes you gotta think, do I let this pass by or I need to take a stand. Where is the line of being immature and being abused as if what happened is nothing and no big deal.
Let's get to nonsense arguments:
1. He ignored my facebook comment. He didn't even bother to talk to me about. I just saw that he was already on facebook and I asked him about it he's like what's the big deal? And we got into it. Yes I'm immature. But please don't ignore someone you love no matter how childish the topic is. Thats not how it works.
2. He was on IG first before texting me in the morning. Don't get me wrong. I'm not that crazy clingy. I will support you all the way whatever you wanna do after you acknowledge me. His reasoning, it's because you texted me about IG so I was trying to check it first. Yeah sure , after 50 mins? And hell I had to text him, have you been up this time? Before he responded like he just woke up. At first he said I peed earlier. What the freaking hell. And now he's trying to tell me let's stop this and rephrase this morning:
3. Back to number one. I deleted that comment since even if I mentioned to him, he didn't do anything about it. And now in our fight he's telling me im annoying because I deleted it. If only he responded even an emoji, it's freaking simple.
4. Look at the second photo. My point is he did not text me about him being awake and he's saying shit like cheating. What the freaking hell. He's always over reacting, making me feel like I'm the one thinking too much when I reacted to his doing, he's the one thinking over the top about it. Like my problem is just level 1. You making it sound like I'm mad because of level 5. Damn.

I love the man. But if he will keep on making me like a child that can get a mad at the stuff I know is not okay to me, and he can't seem to understand ever why. I might let go. I tried for many fights before to make him understand but all his arguments ends in why would I say Sorry if I have nothing to apologize for.
Why do I love this man. I guess my mom is right. You really know you are strong when times like this comes in. That you wanna leave that easily and ripped wach others apart. And afterwards you're still together.


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