At 22, I Completed the FOUR card networks (last AMEX)

I'm Sorry. I'm going to post about credit cards again. I'm adulting, (if that is even a word) so I've been reading and waiting. Believe me, waiting is the hard part, My heart were beating fast and loud when I was waiting earlier. Until now that I'm thinking about it, I still feel the rush of excitement and  nervousness.
I have 3 years of Credit History. I have an Auto loan, 4 (now 5) Credit Cards from Major banks and 3 Store Credit Cards. I have one inquiry from two months ago for a loan to help my parents buy a house. I've been looking for Amex for months now so I can have all four. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and again lastly, American Express.
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First, I don't want any annual fee. For now, since in future I'm planning to get the BCP for the 6% cash back in groceries once I have a family. But for now that I'm single and my man is not with me, I'd rather not pay.
Second, Free Fico Score. I get my monthly from Capital One (not reliable since it's a Vantage), Citi (Equifax), Discover and Bank of America (both Transunion). Now, circle is complete since I will get Experian from Amex!
Third, Hopefully, I will stop looking and reading about Credit cards. I might still but not about getting a new one but about limits for future and reducing APR when necessary. All my card are ZERO balances every month except for the one I'm using on that particular month.

I got 5 credit cards that I need to rotate, before it was only 4 so perfect divisible in a year. Now it's an odd number. Nothing serious but I'm a bit of an OCD.
Credit score will drop. I check Vantage Score in Capital one in their simulator and it said will be down of 10 points. Hopefully that is the most if will be deducted. I recently got 12 points down in Bank of America and I believe that's because of my parents' inquiry two months ago. But then I thought it pulls from others not Experian. And last time I check @ July 21, my Experian was at 739. Did not do anything after that so I was at 50/50 when I applied for AMEX earlier.
Now, I am overwhelmed. Just like before if I remember correctly back in February. But now, it's complete. There's no reason for me to get another one in future since I got all the 'known' networks. All those perks for pre sale in concerts, discount in restaurant or whatever cash back is the best I can choose from what I have!
Well, I blurted it out. It's because of the concert ticket I saw this morning that made me think of applying for AMEX now. I told myself I won't apply for this until August 2018. Not even a month and I broke that promise to myself. Sorry. But hey, now that I got it all (and please help me stop getting new ones), my score will be going up after years and will be good (cross fingers) when buying a house for myself/family is necessary.

I got approved for the Blue Cash Everyday for 6 grand. That's the most I got for a new account compare to my previous card. And now, it has the most limit. I bet it's because of longer credit history and deleted derogatory. Believed it or not, I've had that derogatory for more than a year and kept ignoring it. It was on the free scores from accounts but did not really say where it came from. When I got a report, I disputed it right away (again, MORE THAN A YEAR that it's on my account). After it got deleted, my scores went up.
Which Sign up bonus will I get. Online on their website it says:
EARN $150 BACK after you spend $500 in purchases on the Card within the first 3 months of Card Membership.
But other sites (which is months ago after written) says:
-Plus, earn $100 back after you spend $1,000 in purchases on your new Card within the first 3 months.
-Earn $250 after spending $1000 in three months (proof above)

Those two have a huge difference. $500 to spend for and 50 bucks less. It's kind of a deal for me. So I am trying to force myself to remember that I did read the first part when I applied online on their website. Hopefully, there's no case of them changing the offers in a matter of seconds/hours? Let's see when it arrives. I also chat online to ask about this and was told that since I just got approved, I need to wait for 72 hours to see my eligibility for the sign up bonus. Meaning it's not set in stone that just because it's what you see online, it's what you'll get when approved. See the above photos for proof.


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