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Got my Travel Rewards February 2016. Six months was last month and I've been reading if I should wait for the Auto CLI. Most of them says nothing, it's like limited people are getting it. So I figure why not last week when I tried. I was hesitant thinking I might get the auto but never did after the 6 month mark. My Credit Score were getting better and the time when I applied for the CLI, the free Fico Score from the online site is 669 for August. It was 681 in July. Strange part is, in my Discover, it's higher for August when it's both pulling Transunion FICO Score 8.
I was not full informed about how it affects your score when having too much Credit Inquiry (from Hard Pulls). And since my score went down why I figured what the heck.

Biggest amount I spent on this card was no more than 1100. And the reason is for me to get the sign up bonus. After that, it barely reached 500 and most of the time, 0 balances. They never got to charge me interest fees since it's always PIF. That's why I thought I will be getting auto CLI after 6 months.
I was initially approved 2500 with 250 available cash advance with 681 Experian Score (from the letter they sent me after approval). It pulled Experian for sure since I got my report. None on Transunion and I don't know about Equifax.
For the CLI, pulled from Transunion. Reported by Transunion based on my Protect my Id account by Experian. I don't know if it is also on the other two.

I asked them about auto cli but as always, crappy response.
"Thank you for your inquiry dated 09/9/2016.  We regret to inform you that we no longer support this type of inquiry via email. 
A consumer card service specialist will be happy to assist you with your inquiry by using our online Chat service or by phone at (800) 892-8349.  Our dedicated team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Please be assured that we know your time is valuable and would not direct you to contact us by telephone unless absolutely necessary.
We value you as a customer and appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Bank of America.
Bank of America
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Good Day, I've been with my BOA CC for 6 months now (did not get Auto CLI) and want to make sure if I ever want to request for CLI ONLINE, that it will be a soft inquiry?

I didn't even remember about the Visa Signature thingy. Where it should be upper tier than the regular Visa. Requirement is, limit should be at least 5000. And now that I have more than that, I can have it. But, I figure it's not necessary. Maybe when it's about to expire in 3 years I can order that one but I don't see why I need to have it right away. Plus, I read about the part where if you have the Visa Signature, limit won't be reported to the Credit Bureaus that can cause the total limit, hence utilization then score. Nope, not going to risk that part yet since I'm still getting the hang of building up my credit.

I applied for 6000 total (increase of 3500). I don't know why I did not go higher though but I remember that I was trembling typing and just want it to get it over with. Surprisingly it gave me a 5100 increase! with 800 available for cash advance. Total Credit Limit 7600. Happy about it since it was higher than I requested thinking I will be declined due to short history and not so good score. At the same time, wishing that I requested for more but then I don't want to feed into my greediness. Which to tell you the truth, it's starting again and I need to stop. Overall, my credit utilization is my main goal to be higher. Downside is too many inquiries and new account. Especially on my Experian. Hopefully I will not be irresponsible; so fingers crossed, it will be for the better.

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