Discover 3rd CLI/ CITI 3rd Denial (All Requested)

Last time I got an increase from Discover was in May 2016. I know it's not 6 months but what the heck. So I requested the increase online with my score from website itself of 749. I got approve of an increase 1100. I was expecting more. Total before was 2200 and was expecting at least more than 4000 since Discover is the least limit I have. I was disappointed of how small the increase was but happy that I got something out of it. I've been with Discover more than a year now. Maybe they will Auto increase it, I just got itchy fingers and like what the hell mind.
I called CSR maybe for more and talked to Shelby. Another mistake that I did is that while talking to her, I tried requesting again online which was denied of course. Reading tons of Credit stories, I knew some people got lucky about twice or  thrice online on the same day. Not for me. So after explaining myself about why wanting more and stuff... Nope, nothing and transferred me to an analyst named Tammy. She said I can request for more if I will let them pull my credit. Of course I said nope. Not Necessary. 11 minutes was my total time talking for nothing. I'm just bummed that Discover is my least limit of all the cards I have even after this increase. Other than that, Superb service. Kudos to them as well for giving me an increase in just 4 months from last one.
Another disappointment. More like worse. CITI. My 3rd Denial. I have a limit of 3700. Last July it reached 3600 and I paid it all as soon as it was posted. Looks like that does not count. Last increase was in April 2016. Next month and it will be 6 months. But then again, I got greedy. I gave in into temptation since both Discover and Citi are Soft Pulls. Still, I was expecting at least total limit for Citi would be more than 5000. Nope. Nothing. This feeling I remember last January and March this year as well for my 1st and 2nd denial. Been with Citi since 2014.

Called and explained myself regarding I purchase a big amount few months ago and been good since the beginning. I have no more derogatory on my report and my score on Citi website from them is 765. You'd think that's high enough for an increase right, or so I thought. I should've waited for next month but I don't know if that score will be better or go down. 5 months from my last CLI.
Talked to Luana for total of 11 minutes for nothing as always with CITI. She told me that she can't help me further unless I'm okay with requesting again with her but this time report will be pulled in order for me to talk to an analyst. Yes that's right. They will pull my report FIRST (hard inquiry) just to talk to one of their specialist. Like, that's insane. What are they, VIP? It's bad enough that CITI has this robot machine at the beginning which is annoying, and add the fact that I can't talk to an analyst unless they pull my report? Sound selfish to me. Or I hope that the one I talked to was just misinformed or else Citi is adding stuff on my disappointment list and other people as well. Good customer service, yet as always, no help.
Tried 2nd time online, increased the income from before still denied. 

Now I remember reading that Citi and Discover looks at Transunion for CLI. Not sure though with Soft pull as well. If that's the case, I got a new Hard Pull this month from my Bank of America Increase (which was worth it since I got more than what I requested for).
So this is what I think that two reasons why I got denied/low increase:
1. Not 6 months from last CLI
2. Having a recent Pull
I know this is all my fault. My plan was to wait until November but oh well. I'm sorry. Thank you for soft pulls right? I don't know. Just the feeling of big limits make me more calm about emergencies and helping my parents and unexpected trips. I thought being so good for these banks will give you reward, which they do. Just not as soon as possible. I need to give it time.
Please do not give in unless necessary or you really reach the 'minimum' time frame. Learn from me!


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