Survivor Mud Run 2016

Finished it in one hour and 20 minutes. I can finish it earlier but I have my friends with me and one has having trouble with her shoe having so much mud because she doesn't wear sock.
What a nostalgic feeling, this was normal for me back in High School due to training to be an officer. And now I get to do it for fun. Including a beer afterwards and an awesome looking medal. Must try for everyone that is not too sensitive. Only downside for me is I bought tickets for my parents which was not used and SMR said I can use it for next year but not sure if there will be a run or it will be on the same place. I hope there will be another one and if it is not on the same place, I will go since I don't want it to go to waste.
Pointers for future:
  1. Buy it in Groupon- always cheaper.
  2. Wear long socks
  3. Wear shoes that has more grip than those made for gym/flat surfaces
  4. Do not walk slow since your energy will be less, brisk walk.
  5. Help others if necessary, don't ignore people talking to you
  6. Have the early wave. As late as it gets, it will be warmer and dirtier
  7. Get the beer afterwards. You paid for it.
  8. Don't wear jewelry that's too important. You'll never know how clumsy you will be.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
I got 12k steps before lunch at Pechanga Cafe. What a productive day. And I even worked afterwards


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