Thunder From Down Under @ Morongo in Cabazon

Last Saturday, I watched the Australia's Thunder From Down Under. We got Complimentary tickets because we are workers. I just got drag. It wasn't my plan. And even if it is, there's no reason for me to be ashamed. I've never been in a place where men are the strippers. So I was scared right before it starts. Like a kid that is about to ride a roller coaster. That feeling. And may I remind you that I love roller coasters. @ Morongo Casino in Cabazon.
I believe tickets starts at $25.00. If I had to pay, No I wouldn't have come even if my friends asked me. But since it's free and I was working that day off, I just rested at my friend's place and went on with the concert. After pictures our us having our little party. Our 3rd Island Party, since we are in the kitchen surrounding the island part, drinking, laughing and playing.
After the show, they kept on saying we should go to another one where we can't drink. Since we are employees, we cannot have any alcoholic beverage inside the company. I just keep nodding and answering I'm ready whenever you guys are. Since I am that kind of person. But it was my choice, men, there are other plenty of things I'd rather spend watching/doing that guys stripping.

Probably because I'm in a relationship? But I'm not sure. I'm the type of person when I don't like something, I don't. What I want is to spend time with my friends and hang out. Not see men that showing their behind. They are all good looking, Alex, Nick, Benny, Malik, another one which did not dance solo so I do not remember the name and the host, Kurt.
Alex started in a jungle theme (Tarzan), Nick did the GI Joe Colonel in a way, Malik is the Milk man of all the career men dance and Benny is a firefighter. Kurt, the cutest in our opinion (there's three of us that says so) did Magic Mike. It was s fun show. But, I was embarrassed for the girls that got groped and danced on. Oh please in future, don't pick me. It'll be a disappoint for my boyfriend, audience and me. LOL. Have fun! :)


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