3rd Citi CLI & Previous TYP offers

After 6 months with my last Credit Limit Increase on CITI, they finally approved me! Last time I requested was September 30, 2016 and was denied due to not being six months in between. It was total $3,700 on April 22, 2016 but when I asked online via chat they said it was like that from April 21, 2016. Read about multiple post regarding if it's worth it and told myself what the heck. What's holding me back is the multiple denial they did to me last January, March and twice in last month. So this is my 5th request for CLI in a Soft Pull and 1st Approval. Did not even think of going further for more with a Hard pull since I just wanted something in return since I used my card almost 100% and paid it in full as soon as it was posted.
It's a sweet deal that it's higher than my last increase ($1000) and now it's $1,500 increase. My goal is 5 digit range but everything takes time. I will reach that goal hopefully won't take 2 years. Will start gardening after November 15, 2016. Current score reported by Citi as of 09/27/2016 - 768.
I had Citi Dividend Platinum from April 2014 and switched to Double Cash May of this year. They started showing Fico Score January 2015 using Equifax.

When I was digging through my emails, I found out that Citi offered me three times for the Thank You Preferred Credit Card. Back then, I wasn't aware that the bigger your limit is the better. Not to spend of course but for total credit utilization. I don't even care about Fico Scores and Credit Reports. But now that I'm learning, I'm also sharing :)

I found these that has the same offer, not sure if I deleted some before.
June 29, July 24 and September 25. All in 2015.
I'm the type of person that once I already have something similar to what I have, (e.g clothing or bags with same style, same color or whatever that's close to it) I won't get it. Because I feel like that's redundant. I'm just going to take care of my Double Cash and ignore other offers as much as I can just like what I did with Chase Freedom and Chase Slate.


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