Capital One 4th CLI

Good say everyone. I just want to say first and foremost. I apologize. For letting the itch get the good of me. I keep feeding my greed and got to stop. But then, as what experts say, it helps as in the long run (credit limit increases).
Lower than my previous increase of $3000, but I'll take what I can get out of nowhere. Current Credit Score on Capital One Site, Vantage is 771.
Been with Capital One since July 2013. Switched to Quicksilver on December 2015. Starting Limit is $500 (no history whatsoever) and Increases all Soft pulls as follows:
  1. 750 December 2013
  2. 1750 May 2015
  3. 6750 October 2016 (only one requested, others Auto CLI)
Also, I copy-and-paste a shared experience from MyFico that hitting the luv button on Capital One Site many times does NOT matter. Which is amazing since people that needs credit / higher score from utilization will need this. Thumbs up for that. Hopefully all credit cards/credit banks are like that.
I'm sorry again. For myself and for those that kind of seeing my pattern. I told myself I wouldn't request on my Capital One as the only 'virgin' since all my others I did request. But just like sex, it's hard to resist. Sorry for the bad analogy. Lets help each other be better and have great credit!


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