I have the Skin Triad

Whats up. Another day. Another diagnosis for me. Lol. I'm okay though. Not dying yet. Hopefully not in a hundred years. As of yesterday, I got Hidradenitis Suppertiva, Pilonidal Cyst, and Acne. Plus Keloids if you think that's another illness. And today, I was informed I got Keratosis Pilaris. Another skin problem! Yey! It's not one what I eat or do. Just within me.
Look at my social history. Pretty clean right? Yet I have these. Oh well. Life goes on. And back to tretinoin. Only this time, topical for my arms. I had it before orally for my face with the brand Zenatane. One problem goes away, another one swoops in for the spot. Am I a contest or what?
After Retin-a every night, I have to put lotion and these are the samples she gave to moisturize. It will be dry just like me before with Zenatane. Additional checklist on my routine.
Sorry for the quality of photos, that's what it looks like - Keratosis Pilaris.

Live life. Try to live a healthy life. Some people are lucky, some people are not. No matter what, we all have crisis going on that's shouldn't stop us for aiming happiness. Have healthy and happy day!


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