Kaiser Permanente Experiences

I'd like to say I love Kaiser Permanente. I do, but not 100%. I mean, nothing is actually 100% perfect in terms of everything. I love my Doctor, and how fast they are at the Pharmacy. How easy it is to look at you profile, history, results and much more on their website. You can make your appointments online or call. I'm lucky enough that my mom works in one so our insurance is great. I have 3 years or so to enjoy this, then will have to pay. More expensive than other insurances but I know first hand, it's worth it.
Usually problems that I've had is Time. Nurses at Heacock says they close at 5pm yet receptionist said 4pm. Same thing happened at Iris Ave. At least 2 nurses told me they close at 5pm. Nope again when I was there after 4pm. This needs to be fixed asap. I understand one nurse that's new. But multiple?

I love the Urgent Care. It's not emergency yet they will make time for those who need it first. At Iris Ave it's after 5pm. But they don't have walk in during the day. Which is I think kind of ridiculous since people are out of work at 3pm pr 4pm and have to wait. They only have nurse visits.
Speaking of nurse visits. Some of them are not too experienced. I have this one nurse in Iris Ave that I love since she's gentle and know what shes doing. Unfortunately I can't catch her all the time. She changed my packing three times now and still the best. The others, or those two that talked to me saying they don't have specific orders so they can't change it is just inexcusable. How come others can and you two can't? They said there needs to be a doctor or whoever to look at it and a specific order for them to do it. I even told them, it's been done with 2 nurses that didn't ask for a specific order nor a doctor.

Here I am at the Riverside. Meeting for the first time with a Gynecologist. I called this morning at 0853 and got an appointment here today at 1350. Called my mom and told her my problem, she said just go straight and not wait. So I did and went to the receptionist and asked if I can squeeze in.
This was about after 1000. She said she can't check me in since there's no opening and earliest check in needs to be one hour early from the appointment. I know this was a long shot arriving early but I didn't take no for an answer. Well, after she said she can't check me in,'I understand and where is the waiting room?' She said the room number so I sat there for a minute and thought whats to do next.
I went downstairs and looked for a self service check in. I checked in myself and went back the the waiting room. A minutes passed and she called my name. See, if I stop when she told it's too early, that's 3 hours of waiting.
After my check up the nurse asked me, you know your appointment is at 1350? I said yes, and I check in myself rather than wait for the receptionist that won't help me. So even if how great the doctors and services can be, sometimes you still going to think the best way possible to help yourself.
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