The Know it All Part 2 Concert @ The Wiltern

Awesome musicians.  No big production to lure you that it was a good show. It is a great show without showing any skin or distractions. Plain talent and soothing music.
Nathan Sykes, Ruth B and Alessia Cara. Additional guest is Sebastian Kole. Not on the list but he was the first to play for 2-3 songs. I'm telling you, no big background music like those big concerts where it kind of shadows the voice/help them in a way. These are all pure singers.
My mom was with me since she don't want me driving that long because of my back and she doesn't know anyone of the artists. When it started all the way to end, she appreciated the whole thing due to all of them are extremely amazing.
Purchase thru Ticketmaster :)
So Proud of the songs I listen to and artist I idolize.


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