Ticketmaster is Awesome

I've had few concerts since last year. And most all of it is from Ticketmaster. Other is it's partner, Live Nation. Today, I was going to watch Alessia Cara at the Wiltern and my mom keeps on persisting to come with me. A little bit of back story why:
Last week, my wound at lower back got bigger and was hurting me. I can't sit comfortably, stand up fast and just move normally. Friday, mom drive me to urgent care and it was removed. At least the nasty party and now back to 'healing'. I put healing like that since I thought it's over but it looks like it is coming back. Life right. Anyway, back to the concert tonight...

I love driving, I don't mind it. But since I am limited, can't workout and such. Mom wants to drive me since it's in Los Angeles. I'm thinking, I can but my mom asked me many times even this morning. So I called Ticketmaster thinking they will help me, but expecting nothing since it's the same day. I was transferred twice from Monet then Jennifer. Lastly was Ashley who is amazing. Clearly told me the prices and such and fast too.
The event is at The Wiltern and paid extra for parking at the Park Whiz. Such a good feeling of getting help in such a short notice. Had to pay 40.50 for the difference which is no problem so that my mom would not worry anymore. And I get to enjoy the concert later with her.
Additional pros of Ticketmaster, you can RESELL your tickets! I did before and earned 30 bucks. That depends of course on how fast you are on getting the good tickets and how popular the artists that people will really buy it from you.
To more events in future Ticketmaster!


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