Two's of Old Navy Dress, VS Swim and Lotions

Both VS Swim are high waist all bought by mom. The first one is not new but both are good and it's getting cold so it'll be next year for me to use them. I love Victoria Secret underwear and sport bras. And Swim Wear.
Old Navy Dresses, total of $31. something tax included. I got it on Concord, California. Both comfortable and casual, perfect for me and then season. Suddenly I'm attracted to this color. Fall season is here!

Welcome to the family new lotions. Since my enemy is my skin, I need to love it more. Right?
Got the Eos from Target, love the scent as well a the blue/green that I use handy. Don't like the pink since it's too sweet for me.
Cetaphil is cheaper in Kaiser Pharmacy, maybe 1-2 dollars difference.


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